Yamaha RX 100的遗产;回来了吗?

Yamaha RX100 is one of the few motorcycles in India that created so many motorcycling enthusiasts. Anyone who grew up in the late 80 and 90s know that RX100 was the coolest motorcycle to buy in those time, apart from the mighty Yamaha RD 350.

Yamaha RX100 was a lightweight and simple motorcycle with a 98cc two-stroke engine. It ruled the Indian street between 1985 to 1996 and made a lot of money for Escorts Limited. During its 11-year production run in India, nothing changed apart from paint scheme and improved 12-volt charging system.

Escort Limited got into partnership with Yamaha in 1983 to launch the “Rajdoot 350”, Yamaha RD350 name in the Indian market. It’s competition, TVS Motors at the same time decided to collaborate with Suzuki to bring the AX100, a 100cc two-stroke motorcycle.

AX100的销售价格便宜且负担得起,令人印象深刻。伴游看到了这个市场的机会,并决定在1985年将Yamaha RX100带来。Yamaha RX100的首次迭代是CKD进口,刚刚在这里组装。它提供了三种颜色:樱桃红,孔雀蓝绿色和银色。

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One way to identify the early CKD model to look for “Made in Japan” lettering on the gearbox casing. The speedometer had “Rajdoot” branding and they were manufactured by Yenkay.

In the later staged when the production shifted to India, the speedometer had Yamaha or Escorts branding and these meters were made by Pricol. And off-course the “Made in Japan” embossing on the gearbox casing was removed.

Everything remained unchanged throughout the 11-year production run, apart from upgraded 12 volt charging system from the 6-volt system.


Gearbox: 4-speed constant mesh
Ignition: Capacitor Discharge Ignition
输出:11ps @7500 rpm
Wheels: Wire spoked, 2.50″ X 18″ front tyre, 3.00″ X 18″ rear tyre.
Top speed 100km/h (Source: Workshop Manual)

Yamaha RX100的遗产

Yamaha RX100为所有人提供了一些东西。对于寻找可靠,便宜的摩托车的人来说,这可能是每日通勤者。或者它可以在每个上大学的年轻人中带出赛车男孩。当时,这肯定是时尚声明。实际上,RX100的传说是如此强烈,以至于您即使在今天您也会在路上转向。


Soon after the Yamaha RX135 was launched in 2000, which was essentially a rebranded RXG. Inspite of having stronger engine, it received lukewarm market response. Mainly due to increasing competition in the segment and carrying over same design for more than a decade. Enthusiasts were also disappointed with RX135 because it lost the lovely two-stoke sound of RX100 due to muffled exhaust note that wasn’t crisp.

Yamaha RX100广告活动

Yamaha的营销团队在印度市场引入Yamaha RX100时,这是一个关键。广告活动在使RX100成为传奇摩托车方面发挥了重要作用。它的口号像“ 100年代之前”和“ Born to Lead”这样的口号使这个令人兴奋的光环给一个简单的两人制作者。



Yamaha正在重新启动Yamaha RX100吗?




Yamaha RX100详细信息

Yamaha might resurrect the Yamaha RX100 name by putting it on a new four-stroke motorcycle. The character of the original RX100 can be tried to be replicated but it’s not possible to get the same feeling from a four-stroke engine.

今天,骑摩托车的乐趣是,今天的爱好者被宠坏了。在开始级别上,可以选择TVS Apache 160,Bajaj Pulsar Range,Bajaj Dominar,KTM Duke 200 Suzuki Gixxer等自行车。下一步是KTM Duke 390,,,,Yamaha FZ25,,,,KTM RC390,Yamaha R3,,,,Ninja 400.

I think Yamaha understands that competition tough today. And it wouldn’t be wise to launch a 100cc motorcycle and pitch it as the new RX100.

您仍然可以购买二手Yamaha RX100

好消息是,你仍然可以购买我们ed Yamaha RX100 in India. That said the prices of a well-maintained RX100 have shot up drastically. Some good examples are selling for as much as Rs 1 lakh.

The important thing to note while buying a used Yamaha RX100 is the health of the engine. Most of the bike you’ll look at will have their 2-stroke engines rebored as the cylinder walls wear off with use. This results in compression loss (reduced power and efficiency).


Unfortunately, the reboring can only be done a couple of times as the sleeve gets worn out completely. Sleeve thickness is between 0.5 – 2mm. When the sleeve is worn out, resleeving it required. Experts often warn against going for resleeved RX100 engine as it does not perform as the original engine.

The initial lot of bike from 1985 to 1987 were Japanese manufacturer motorcycles, therefore they command a higher premium in the used market. You’ll be lucky if you find an unsleeved Made in Japan Yamaha RX100. These Made in Japan RX100 had a Y1 Cylinder block.Checkout:Top 9 Motorcycle youtube channels

印度制造的Yamaha RX100具有G1,G2,G3和G4气缸块。就质量而言,据说G1圆柱体块相当于Y1块。

购买二手Yamaha RX100时要注意的最重要的事情是,Rebore尺寸应小于或等于0.5毫米。最终,还需要考虑成本因素。

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When was Yamaha RX100 discontinued?

RX100在1996年停产。它在2000年被Yamaha RX135取代。RX135在2005年停产。

哪个更好:Yamaha RX100或RX135?

在功率方面,RX135优于RX100,并且额外有1 hp。但是,纯粹主义者仍然比RX135更喜欢RX100。这主要是由于RX100的真实两冲程声音。RX135的声音很闷

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