Chances are that you’ve been in at least one or more situations where you got into someone’s modified streetcar and turned it on and pressed upon the pedal, only to hear a sound that is very uncommon and not the standard sound that a car would usually produce.







It’s only when you actually remove your standard system and install a直管排气系统您意识到有多大的不同。直管排气消除了您的标准系统施加的限制,并让您的汽车制作所有可能的发动机音乐。纯粹主义者和追踪日爱好者肯定会喜欢它。直管排气也称为完整的系统排气。


At the root, straight pipe exhausts are not that different from standard exhausts, except the exhaust pipe runs all the way from the exhaust headers to the end, without any catalytic converter or muffler working to reduce the noise (we’ll get to the environmental implications of doing this in a bit).

So now, there’s nothing stopping the exhaust gases from running freely through and flowing out the exhaust tip. This results in the sound that motorheads love and go crazy about, and most older neighbors hate.



Increase in Performance

This may come as a shock but getting rid of the catalytic converter helps the car minimize a lot of back pressure resulting in increased torque and higher horsepower. For many motorheads, this is an absolute no brainer – more horsepower equals better vehicle. In many instances, there is also a notable increase in fuel economy.

Looks Matter



As we mentioned earlier, the engine is at its most natural, loudest form when it isn’t held back by the muffler. This is a major reason why most fans prefer a straight pipe system. There’s something about the sound of an untamed engine that just feels right. And that’s what gets motorheads going.

Reduced Weight



Extremely Loud


Not Good For The Environment

With the catalytic converter not in place to filter out the harmful components (CO2and Sulphur to命名几个)在废气中,它们很容易将自己混合到大气中,从长远来看会引起极大的不适。诸如酸雨和全球变暖之类的现象是这种有害排放的一些影响。因此,直管排气管从环境活动家那里得到很多漏洞,如果您的邻居是激进主义者,您可能想三思而后行。




In many cities and countries across the globe, straight pipe exhausts are illegal. In fact,many countries including USA为了保护某些法律和控制犯罪率,已禁止使用任何类型的自定义。这就是为什么您的车辆转售价值一旦定制排气口就会受到巨大打击的原因之一。


Now that you know what a straight pipe exhaust is and how it is better – and in certain situations worse – than a standard exhaust system, choosing whether or not to upgrade to one ultimately lies with you. If you’re not one to care much about your vehicle’s resale value, and you love to hear the sound of an untamed engine, you can definitely go forward without second thoughts because a straight pipe is sure to leave you satisfied for ages.


Siddharth Sharma

哈斯一直是一个热爱汽车d Bikes. He was the kind of kid that always had the latest Auto magazine in his school bag. He had this dream- to become a professional racecar driver. Finally, in 2012 he found himself racing as a rookie driver in the Polo R Cup national racing championship. Over time he had to readjust the sail and get into automotive journalism to continue enjoying machines on wheels.