I found some good motorcyclist quotes and felt like sharing with you all. These are great for sharing onWorld Motorcycle Day每年6月21日庆祝



Motorcycling is an amazing lifestyle that needs to be celebrated once in a while. One way to do this is through sharing one of these morepopular motorcycle riding quotes:

1)“Doesn’t matter what you ride, give respect to get respect”- Anonymous

2)“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; Ride and live today”- Anonymous

如果您想一生快乐,请骑摩托车。” - 匿名

4)“你变老时不会停止骑行,当你停止骑行时变老了。” - 匿名

5)“生活不是要等待风暴过去:这是关于学习如何在雨中骑行!” - 匿名

6)“道路上的一辆自行车在棚子里值得两人。” - 匿名

7)“You are on your own. You are not protected by two tons of steel, rubber, foam padding and safety glass. Neither are you steering two tons of guided missile toward other cars, people and property. If you are prepared to accept the responsibility of your own actions, then motorcycling can be both safe and thrilling. Riding is an art as well as a craft and no amount of explanation can take the place of experience.
― Theresa Wallach, Easy Motorcycle Riding, 1970

― Vin Diesel

9)“I look my best when i take my helmet off after a long motorcycle ride. I have a glow and a bit of helmet hair.”
― Eric Bana

10)“Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.”

11)“我年龄越大,我越快。有古老的骑自行车的人,有大胆的骑自行车的人,但是没有古老的大胆骑自行车的人。” - Evel Knievel

12)“所有女孩都喜欢坚强的男人。显然,骑摩托车 - 我不想说有一个坏男孩的质量 - 但是一个骑摩托车和那种危险元素的家伙肯定有一件艰难而男子气概的事情。那真的很性感。”
- 玛丽莎·米勒(Marisa Miller)

13)“You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!”
- 丹·艾克罗伊德(Dan Aykroyd)

― Jacky Ickx

15)“A motorcycle functions entirely in accordance with the laws of reason, and a study of the art of motorcycle maintenance is really a miniature study of the art of rationality itself.”
- 罗伯特·皮尔西格(Robert M. Pirsig)

16)“Young riders pick a destination and go… Old riders pick a direction and go.”- Anonymous

17)“有时候需要花很多时间才能直接思考。” - 匿名

18)“如果您仍然可以听到您的恐惧,请放置装备” - 匿名

19)“Riding a bike is like an art, something you do because you feel something inside.”- Valentino Rossi

20)“The reason I’m drawn to it is – both the off-road racing and the motorcycles on the track – it takes a lot for me to quiet my brain and anything that requires 100% of my attention and focus I find very soothing and that is the closest I get to being content.”- Dax Shepard

21)“当我骑摩托车时,我很高兴活着。当我停止骑摩托车时,我很高兴活着。” - Neil Peart

22)“Sometimes your Knight in your shiny armour turns out to be a biker in dirty leathers.”- Anonymous

23)“旅途,像鹰一样飞涨,有太多的道路要探索,很少的时间。” - 匿名

24)“A long ride is the answer to your questions you will soon forget.”- Anonymous

If you think it’s too dangerous then go home and cut your lawn and leave us to it.”- Guy Martin (Isle of Man TT)

26)“Motorcycling is not, of itself, dangerous. It’s however, extremely unforgiving of inattention, ignorance, incompetence, or stupidity.”- Anonymous

27)“假骑自行车的人有图像要维护。真正的骑自行车的人只是不屎。” - 匿名




31)“为什么摩托车经销商在周日关闭?因为星期天是敬拜……天主教徒去教堂,摩托车手去赛道。” - 匿名

32)“在当今的高速公路上骑摩托车,您必须以非常防御的方式骑车。您必须是一个好骑手,并且必须始终双手和双脚在控件上。” - Evel Knievel


34)“The three most dangerous words to a biker are “HEY… WATCH THIS!”

35)“Don’t lead the pack if you don’t know where you’re going.”


37)“Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.”- Steve McQueen

38)“In the moment, right or wrong, always have your brother’s back!”


40)“You live more for five minutes going fast on a bike than other people do all their life.”- Marco Simoncelli



43)“Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.”- Anonymous

44)“Never Twist the throttle with your ego.”- Anonymous

motorbike riding quote

45)“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”- Anonymous

46)“这就是摩托车,这是一种用钢铁制定的概念系统。”- 罗伯特·皮尔西格(Robert M. Pirsig)

47)“God didn’t create metal so that man could make paper clips!” – Harley Davidson

48)“A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.” – Anonymous

49)“让您的自行车保持良好的维修:摩托车靴子不舒服。”- 匿名的

50)“Don’t lead the pack unless you know where you’re going.” – Anonymous

51)“Straight Roads do not make skilful driver.”- Paulo Coelho

52)“You never see a motorcycle parked outside of a psychiatrist’s office.”

53)“Got good news! Just saved a bunch of money on my insurance by outrunning the cops.” – Outlaw biker saying

54)“Be faithful, steadfast, and true to your club, brothers and sisters. Let there be no question on where you stand.” – Biker club saying

55)“Just because my path is different, doesn’t mean I’m lost.”

Riders enjoying at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally



58)“The older I get more I understand, How important it is to live a life most people don’t understand.”


60)“Tailgating a car is illegal, tailgating a motorcycle is pre-meditated murder.”

61)“Look close, can you see it? It’s called freedom.”





66)“Bikers are impossible to push around, for they stare death in the face on a daily basis.”





71)“Live life to the fullest. Forget drama, depression, and all that kind of crap. Enjoy this moment of a motorcycle; life’s is bloody amazing.”

72)“I don’t have a bucket list. But my “bike-it” list is very long.”

73)“Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen.”

74)“In a biker’s world there are no strangers, only friends we have not met…”



biker sayings

我懂了,你听说过无数道掉ing motorcycle and biker brotherhood. But I bet you found one biker quote that made you ponder or laugh. If you found that one motorcycling quote, why not share it with your biker buddies.

Good motorcycle sayings never get old. We as biker can certainly feel the emotion behind these sayings.

Let us know in the comments: what’s your favorite biker quote? And if you know some more quotes for a motorcycle rider that we missed out, do let us know and we’ll add it to the list. Cheers!


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