燃油系统清洁剂值得吗?(Injector Cleaner Guide)

您的机械师建议您燃油清洁器多少次?我敢打赌,这发生了很多事情,您可能会想知道燃油系统清洁剂是否是“蛇油”。喷油器清洁剂真的有效吗?Today we find try to find out.



Injector cleaners are basically solvents that help clean out the fuel pathways. These bottles of fuel system cleaners are poured into the fuel tank. They start working to clean the entire fuel system by dissolving the gum and other residue collected in the fuel lines. Even though fuel filter prevents debris from entering the fuel injection system, small particles and gummy residue often pass through.Know what are the symptoms of a bad fuel filter.



Polyether Amine:聚醚胺用于汽油和柴油applications. It is said to reduce misfiring and knocking from the engine. It’s also effective in removing excess moisture from the fuel line. This chemical really helps when there is old gas in the fuel tank that’s just blocking the fuel line and not burning.

聚异丁基:像聚乙烯胺一样,聚异丁基也具有相似的清洁质量。实际上,两者在化学成分上都非常接近。大多数注射器清洁剂公司都将其标记为其产品的“ PIB”。

Polyether amine (PEA):PEA is added to the injector cleaners so that it can dissolve solid deposits in the fuel lines. Solid deposits can clog up the fuel system and this reduced the drivability of the car. Reduced fuel delivery could also increase the chances of knocking. This is a much stronger chemical than the previous two, therefore adding too much of it can cause problems too.

injector cleaner effect





Problems solved by fuel injector cleaner?

Carbon collecting at the intake valves

Fuel companies say that they already add additives that prevent carbon buildup. But the truth is that carbon buildup is a real problem that requires using fuel injector cleaners.



However, excess carbon buildup on the valves can only be cleaned by opening up the engine. If you are having a hesitant engine, then it’s worth trying out a good injector cleaner.

Reduced acceleration and fuel efficiency



How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner in the gas tank


步骤1)选择您选择的喷油器清洁剂。市场上有大量的喷油器清洁剂。选择一个值得信赖的品牌应该对您有好处。Our favorite ones are mentioned here.

Generally, a full bottle of the fuel injector is good for about 50-liter (13 gallons) of fuel. Your car’s fuel tank capacity can range between 35 to 70 liters (9.2 gallons to 20 gallons). Note the tank capacity of your vehicle from the owner’s manual.

第2步)So how should you use it? It’s best to在充满油箱之前,请立即使用喷油器清洁剂。On your next visit to the gas station, pour out a bottle of injector cleaner into the gas tank first and then top up with fuel. Read instructions on the bottle of injector cleaner to know how much fuel you should add. When you add fuel, the injector cleaner will mix properly.


That’s it. Your first cycle of injector cleaning will be complete after burning off this fuel mixture. Most of the time this is enough to notice some performance improvements but you can go another cycle if you’re not satisfied.



但是,再次,有了如此多的喷油器清洁剂具有不同优势,最好参考产品制造商的建议。Know if you should use Octane Boosters


Best Fuel Injector Cleaners for petrol car


Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus




制造商声称:“去除注入阀,进气门,火花塞和燃烧室中的沉积物,并防止它们改革。消除了开始问题和粗糙的引擎运行。照顾汽油喷射系统中的所有组件。保护整个燃料系统免受腐蚀。改善节气门响应和压缩。优化发动机的排放测试值和性能。清洁发动机需要更少的燃料并减少排放。”检查亚马逊的价格 -这里

STP Super Concentrated Injector Cleaner

制造商说:“ STP超级浓缩喷油器清洁剂含有浓缩洗涤剂,可帮助溶解和去除燃料喷油器上的有害碳,口香糖和清漆沉积物。没有清洁,沉积物可能会导致艰苦的起步,加速失去和闲置。该产品由喷气燃料(一种高质量的活性成分载体)制成。”

它有354毫升瓶,可用于65升燃料。检查亚马逊的价格 -这里




It’s safe for EGR valve and DPF systems on the exhaust. Since all newer trucks are fitted with DPF exhaust systems, we need to pick a product that’s safe for it.

Liqui Moly Super Diesel Additive

Manufacturer says: “It reduces wear of fuel pump, extends life of the equipment. Improves engine performance and emissions control. Prevents rust and contamination in fuel tank, pipes and injection system. Improves the economy.”

该产品经过测试是对涡轮车安全的。一瓶足以容纳75升燃料。检查亚马逊的价格 -这里

ABRO DI-502柴油喷油器清洁剂

This product claims to stops Diesel Engine Hesitation, helps Remove Water from Diesel Fuel Tank, and Improve Mileage by dissolves gum and deposits.在亚马逊上检查其价格Here

I hope now you have your questions regarding injector cleaners answered. If you have any other question, let us know in the comments section.

Watch this video to learn more about fuel injector cleaners and other additives:

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How Often Should I use Injector Cleaner?

Generally, it’s recommended that fuel injector cleaner be used every 10,000 km. However, if you suspect that the fuel quality in your area is not good, then every try to add injector cleaner every 5,000 km

Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Cause Problems?

Yes, in some rare case fuel injector cleaners can cause issues with O2 sensor or catalytic convertor. As a precaution, ensure that fuel system cleaner is for your specific fuel type: Diesel or Gasoline/petrol. Also, don’t add too much cleaner in gas tank. Ideally, a full bottle of injector cleaner is to be used with full tank of gas.

What are the symptoms of a clogged fuel injector?


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