One of the scariest horror stories for a car owner is rat infestation in the vehicle. Rats are nasty creatures that can make your car worthless by munching through wires and other soft materials like plastic and insulation materials.


Some people believe that only old cars are more prone to rat infestation. However, many mechanics say that many newer cars have基于大豆的电线coating that attracts rats a lot more.

keeping rats away from cars



How to Keep Rats away from the Vehicles?


1) Park your car in a closed garage:你的停车car in a closed garage is the best way to keep rats away. That’s because it’s easier to control the small garage area. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dedicated garage as you can use other precautions.

2) Inspect under bonnet regularly:在引擎盖下寻找鼠的足迹。至少每两周可以快速完成一次。如果您确实找到了大鼠足迹,那么您会很高兴在造成任何伤害之前找到它们。

3) Don’t feed your pet near the car:A lot of homes today have pets. But you are unknowingly inviting rats if you feed your pets near the car parking area. The pet food acts as a bait and rats will gain pounds on pounds by feeding on this.

4) Don’t store the car for too long:偶尔开车一段时间以使老鼠远离。长期的汽车是老鼠的理想目标。另外,如果您开车开车,当您的指示器或号角停止工作时,您可能会很早就注意到,老鼠正在咀嚼汽车。没有人喜欢在6个月后乘坐自己心爱的汽车,并被炸毁的ECU和其他问题击中。

5) Leave Pet Dogs and Cats near car:如果您有宠物狗或猫,那么他们擅长清理您的停车位。将它们放在车库中狩猎老鼠。即使他们什么都没有,老鼠也喜欢远离狗和猫。这将鼓励老鼠在夜晚生存的情况下搬出车。

6)安装金属网格阻断啮齿动物的路径:老鼠很难嚼金属。因此e, it’s a good idea to block the openings from where rodents could crawl. Wrapping metal mesh in areas like ventilation tubes, wires and rubber hoses.


8) Drive more often:Rat infestation is more evident in vehicles that are stored for a long duration.

rats nibbling on car wires
Example of rats nibbling on wires

Get Rats out of the car

If rats have managed to sneak inside your car, what should you do now? Here are摆脱汽车大鼠的方法:

1) Use traditional mouse traps:Mouse traps that you use around the house works fantastically well around the car too. Keep multiple such traps around the car and also in the engine bay if possible. Now just wait for those monsters turn up to collect bait.


3) Use老鼠驱虫产品:Today there are many rat repellent products available. They really work great if used properly and in affected areas. However, some of them can be poisonous too, so keep it away from children.


  1. Ultrasonic rodent repellent:Rats hate ultrasonic sounds because they can hear it and it creates intense auditory stress for them. The ultrasonic frequency is not audible to humans and other pets. The electronic car repellent creates a hostile environment for the rodents and forces them out from your car.
  2. Rat Repellent Spray:如今有Rat Sprays。力学建议在引擎盖下方喷涂,尤其是在电线上。它的效果持续了大约3个月,然后您需要重新喷涂。
  3. 大鼠驱虫化合物:许多啮齿动物的驱蚊剂以蛋糕,颗粒或凝胶的形式提供。其中一些可能是有毒的,但其中大多数不是。基本上是攻击老鼠的粘膜。结果,长时间暴露后的大鼠逐渐开始发展对这种气味的恐惧,因此从驱虫剂的位置的区域移开。
  4. 大鼠胶垫:这glue pads are square shaped pads that are coated with strong adhesive. When rats walk over it, they get stuck on it.
  5. Honda Rodent-Deterrent Tape:是的,这是本田汽车出售的老鼠驱虫剂。这基本上是一种注入辣辣椒素(从辣椒中提取的寒冷物质)的电胶带。帽子充当啮齿动物的刺激性。这个反钢磁带的零件号是4019-2317(可在美国本田经销店使用)。
Official Honda Rodent Tape
Official Honda Rodent Tape

Interesting facts about rats:

  • 老鼠的视力差。因此,他们喜欢沿着墙壁的边缘找到道路。
  • Rats are very intelligent rodent and can find interesting ways to enter a car and build their nests.
  • 老鼠喜欢闻到东西,受到气味的影响很大。他们喜欢在闻起来像食物或喜欢咀嚼的东西的地区闲逛。
  • Rats don’t like light and like to find dark spaces to spend their time and build nests. Keeping garage lights on is also a good way to prevent rat infestation.
  • Rats have very sharp teeth that can shred through hard materials like plastics easily.

这是老鼠为本尼·本尼维德(Benny Bendavid)演奏恐怖故事的方式 -“有一天我上了我心爱的汽车开车去office并注意到我的回合信号无法正常工作的方式。我认为没什么大不了的,这一定只是一个爆炸的保险丝。现在,开车回家时,A/C在夏季没有打开。

I thought it was really weird and decided to visit a mechanic during the weekend (I decided to drive without AC for 2 more days). A day after when I started the car, it displayed an error message ‘Check Brake System’ on the dashboard display. The brake booster was not coming on so I had to use a lot of force on the pedal to use brakes. This was a dangerous situation so I drove it carefully to the nearby garage.


If you were tensed thinking about how to save your car from rats, I hope this article was helpful. I have something that you’d like to add, please share it in the comments section.

Check out this video of Rat infested car:


Does Tobacco Keep Rats Away?

Rats hate the smell of tobaccco. Keeping small pouches of tobacco in engine bay could help repel them. Other things rats don’t like to smell are peppermint oil, Naphthalene balls, Cat/Dog Hairs, and red pepper.

How to inspect car for Rat Infestation?

You can pinpoint rat infestation in your car by looking at rat footprints inside your engine bay area, cut wires, chewed plastic, and spotting rat excreta.

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